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Nathan Mongol Wells - From A Dark Corner (Translucent Pink Vinyl)

$25.00 USD

Nathan Mongol Wells - From A Dark Corner Colored Vinyl LP

Out August 18, 2023

Translucent Pink vinyl, 2023

10 Tracks

Only 200 total copies!

Ottoman Turks frontman and songwriter Nathan Mongol Wells releases his debut solo album From A Dark Corner. The collection of 10 songs is a proof of concept for Wells' abilities as a singular creative force and the pronouncement of an exciting, idiosyncratic voice out of Dallas, TX. Recorded, mixed, and produced by John Pedigo and co-produced by Turks member Joshua Ray Walker, From A Dark Corner expands Wells' worldview of outsider Americana into a well-rounded set, incorporating moments of sonic variety and semi-autobiography: self-reflection, homegrown tradition, and screw-it-all impulsivity.