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Matt Hillyer - Bright Skyline (CD)

$15.00 USD

PRE-ORDER Matt Hillyer's highly anticipated next solo album, Bright Skyline, on CD.

Release Date: June 21, 2024

Orders will ship in June, week of release date.

Track List:

  1. What Are You Doing Now
  2. Moving Away
  3. Did She Ever Want To Live Like This
  4. If I Didn't Have You
  5. Even An Angel
  6. It Would Take A Miracle
  7. Bright Skyline
  8. Green Eyes
  9. Honey Do Blues
  10. If I Had Everything I Want
  11. A Daily Fight

Matt Hillyer's latest record, Bright Skyline, showcases a range that Hillyer fine-tuned over three decades playing Texas dance halls, both as a solo artist and for 23 years as the frontman of Eleven Hundred Springs...a journey from his rockabilly roots through western swing, outlaw, and traditional honky-tonk country.