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Revelers Hall Band 'Revelers Hall Band' Colored Vinyl LE (Red/Gold)

$30.00 USD

Elevated Busking Records presents:

Revelers Hall Band - Revelers Hall Band on "Gold Digger" (red/gold) limited edition vinyl, 2021
8 Tracks

Only 200 copies!

Revelers Hall Band hails from within the hallowed brick walls of its namesake Revelers Hall, in the famous Bishop Arts District of Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood. As the Dallas Observer says about the still-new but already-storied venue's house band, they "pack a punch that is near impossible to stand still to."

If fun has a sound, this is it. Thoroughly steeped in the jazz traditions of Louisiana and the gulf coast, The Revelers Hall Band are sorcerers getting audiences on their feet. As they’re likely to tell you at their live shows, “keep drinking, cause the more you drink, the better we sound.”